How I Work With You

I believe in operating collaboratively with those educational institutions in which my students are involved in order to have the best possible chance for securing the most advantageous and comprehensive services and supports available to them. I am an attorney but by choice I do not litigate. I believe in working in partnership with the institutions that serve my students, yet my standing as an attorney provides me with the education and background to clearly understand the legal rights of my students and allows me the distinct advantage of fully interacting with the attorneys for the districts and otherĀ  institutions where my students are being educated.

I work exclusively with parents of children with special needs to ensure that those children are receiving whatever supports and services they require to be educationally successful. That can mean many different things depending upon the individual child. Most can be appropriately served within the public setting, which is required to provide them with an appropriate education by law, but some need an alternative private placement in order to make meaningful educational progress. The advocacy must be tailored to fit the situation. No one solution is right for everyone.

The public entity must, by law, offer a continuum of services and supports to allow for contingencies based upon the student’s needs without regard to existing programs. School districts provide an array of programs and often expect their students to fit into one of those programs but many children require something more individualized in order to learn effectively.

My job is to ensure that the student is treated fairly and appropriately in that regard. I can help parents determine the correct programming, supports, services, strategies, facilities, and placements their child requires in order to leave no room for error with regard to the child’s educational progress. I will accomplish this in the best way possible, collaborating with you and the public entity to bring about the the most satisfactory resolution for the student and family.


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